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Wilkommen beim' Alive Universe Wiki! 

Hier kannst du Nachsehen wie die 50+ Plugins auf unserem Netzwerk funktionieren!

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To start configuring, head over to the staff panel! 

Users with the administrator permission have full access to everything.

Panel Pages

Scroll down to the Wiki section where you can find the settings page and the logs page:

Within the first page you can configure the module to your liking:

Within the second page you can create, edit, delete and reorder wiki pages:

The third page - the logs page - shows you all changes to your Wiki and lets you restore pages to previous versions:

Discord Webhooks

To enable Discord webhooks, head over to StaffCP > Configuration > Webhooks:

Here you can create a new, or edit an existing, webhook:

You will then see all the events which you can toggle, to start receiving notifications from within your Discord.

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To allow a group access to the configuration panel head to StaffCP > Core > Groups.

Select a trusted group and enable the Can the group view the StaffCP? option:

Next, click on the permissions button at the top right of the selected group:

Scroll down to the Wiki Pro section and toggle the desired permissions:

StaffCP > Wiki Pro - This permission is required to view any of the Wiki Pro panel pages.

StaffCP > Settings 
- This permission allows group members to view and edit all the settings in the settings page.

StaffCP > Pages - This will allow the group to view the pages page. However, by default they will only see the names of the pages, and not be able to make changes - see the permissions below.

StaffCP > Pages - Can create new Wiki pages - Allows the group to create new pages from within the panel.

StaffCP > Pages - Can edit all properties of every Wiki page - Allows the group members to edit all the properties of every Wiki page from within the panel.

StaffCP > Pages - Can delete any Wiki page - Lets the group delete any page.

StaffCP > Pages - Can reorder Wiki page positions - Lets the group members rearrange all the pages to have any positions. They can do this by clicking the up or down arrows, or alternatively by just dragging the pages.

StaffCP > Logs
- Lets this group see the log page - this will let them see IP addresses. They will also be able to restore pages content as this is done via the logs page.

These panel permissions can be dangerous to grant, so only give to trusted members.

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You can now assign permissions to each individual Wiki page. Head to the panel and select a page, then scroll to the bottom where you will see the permissions section:

View page
You can select which groups you would like to be able to view which pages. If a member does not have a group which has the view page permission, they will not be able to view this specific page. If a member cannot view the parent page for a dropdown, they will not be able to view any of the subpages.

Edit page
If a member has this permission, then when viewing a page, a blue edit button will be visible, allowing the member to directly edit the page from the Wiki:

These permissions are per page, giving you full configuration over how you run your Wiki.

Members with the administrator permission will by default have access to every page, and be able to edit every page from the Wiki.

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This module has taken me lots of time to develop and is available at the cost of a couple coffees, so please respect this and follow the terms of service:

1) Redistribution of the resource's code in any way is prohibited. This includes edited versions of the code.
2) Chargebacks and refunds are prohibited.
3) You can not claim this content as your own.
4) You can only use this module on websites which you own.
5) Do not use stolen work.

Failure to comply with these terms will result in an immediate removal of your product licence without any compensation. I am not liable for any issues with the product caused by the user and am not required to provide support to any user, customer or otherwise. Nevertheless, I will do my best to support legitimate customers via our Discord.